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Lockill 3-Ply Disposable Surgical Face Mask


諾翹Lockill 丨口罩規格丨Specification

標準 : ASTM F2100-2019 Level 1

Standard : ASTM F2100-2019 Level 1


成人尺寸:172mm (±5mm) x 93mm (±3mm)

Adult size:172mm (±5mm) x 93mm (±3mm)


成人顏色: 藍色 或 白色  

Adult size colour:Randomly either Blue or White


中童尺寸:140mm (±5mm) x 90mm (±3mm)

Kid size:140mm (±5mm) x 90mm (±3mm)


中童顏色:藍色 或 白色  

Kid size colour:Randomly either Blue or White

諾翹Lockill丨生產細節 | Production Details

香港生產商 : 諾翹生物化學有限公司

Manufacturer : Lockill Biochemical Limited


香港廠房 :  諾翹香港長沙灣廠房

Factory : Lockill Cheung Sha Wan Factory



外層 : 25gsm 聚丙烯紡黏

Outer Layer : 25gsm PP Spunbond


中層 : 25gsm聚丙烯熔噴

Intermediate Layer : 25gsm PP Meltblown


內層 : 25gsm 聚丙烯紡黏

Inner Layer : 25gsm Spunbond /ES Non Woven  (Hypoallergenic, subject to availability)

致敏性 : 低致敏內層紡黏/水針不織布 (不含螢光劑)

Allergenic : Hypoallergenic Inner Spunbond/ ES Non Woven Layer free from Fluorescent Agent

廠房殺菌消毒 : FLYGOO 臭氧產生器

Factory Sterilization : FLYGOO Ozone Generator ​


產品殺菌消毒 : FLYGOO 5,000 Litre 20ppm 臭氧消毒櫃

Product Sterilization : FLYGOO 5,000 Litre 20ppm Ozone Station  ​


殺菌消毒補充 : 臭氧消毒在濃度及時間上特別設計以避免影響口罩的既定用途

Sterilization Remarks : Ozone sterilization is specially designed in terms of density and time span to avoid adverse effects on the designated performance of the mask products


防菌包裝 : 由PAPEL專利抗菌包裝技術提供

Antibacterial Package : by Patented PAPEL Antibacterial Packaging Technique (

經檢驗證實達到ASTM F2100 & F2101 第一級標準

Tested to ASTM F2100 & F2101 meets Level 1 Standards

Tested by : Taiwan TTRI at April 1, 2020 & May 5, 2020 respectively for Brandname LOCKILL 


Tested Satisfactory to GB15979 on Bacterial & Fungi Contents & Hygienic Standards

Tested by : Taiwan TTRI at April 1, 2020 & May 5, 2020 respectively for Brandname LOCKILL 


諾翹Lockill丨使用說明丨Direction on use



Please select the mask design, fitness and filtration performance that matches the protection needs. This mask is suitable use as a physical barrier to fluids and large particle droplets, which can prevent inflections transmitted by respiratory droplets.


整盒口罩應存放在低濕度的室溫下,避免陽光直射,電磁電荷,重物和接近化學藥品的地方。 Whole box of mask shall be stored in low humid room temperature avoiding direct sunlight, electromagnetic charges, load by weights and close to chemicals.



Please clean your hand before wearing your mask.



Germ is filtered by electret filtration in the middle layer of meltblown nonwoven,

please keep away from electromagnetic or magnetic charges.


最好在相對濕度小於80%的-20°C至38°C的環境溫度下使用。如果濕度> 80%,


Best use at ambient temperature from -20°C to 38°C at relative humidity less than 80%.  

In case RH >80%, please replace the mask when it got wet and breath became difficult.



This mask is for once off disposable purpose. Do not reuse by any means of steam or heat or chemical sterilisation.




When the used mask may contain contaminated droplets, please thus throw to rubbish bin with considerate care to other people, or put into designated recycle collection box if possible.

諾翹Lockill丨生產聲明丨Statements of Manufacturing Conditions

諾翹Lockill丨慈善丨Charity Statement


10% of our profit, including those profits generated on all our oem and co-production in our Cheung Sha Wan Factory shall be assigned for charity purposes aiming at help the underprivileged groups of elders, chronic patient, unemployed and etc to stay health in the epidemic.

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